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UCR Environmental Health & Safety

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The Environmental Health and Safety expansion Building will accommodate approximately 17,909 ASF within 29,125 GSF. That facility will provide space for EH&S administrative offices, laboratories, safety training/learning center, building support space, material entrance, chemical waste, radiation waste, biomedical waste, and universal waste. Exterior yard components include: cargo containers, emergency response trailer, portable storage containers and vehicle parking.


Site Utilities: New sewer, water, fire, gas and storm drain Offsite Utilities; 18″ storm drain in Linden Street

Plumbing: Sewer, waste, vent, water, gas, condensate, 6″ and 8″acid waste, Emergency fire drainage system with 2-5,000 gallon underground storage tanks.

BIM coordinated and Trimble layout for hangers

  • CategoryHigher Education
  • LocationRiverside, CA
  • ContractorPCL Construction
  • Completed2014-2016