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Lake Gregory Dam Outlet Valve Replacement

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Installing a new outlet valve and drainage system at Lake Gregory’s dam to ensure during and emergency the lake can be drained in 7 days versus the 26 days it would take now. This is being required by Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD).


Demolition of 160CF concrete bulkhead and 200LF of 12″ piping inside tunnel. Install 183LF of 30″ pipe in tunnel and construct new 14ft bulkhead. Concrete valve vault with a 36″ tee and three 36″ butterfly valves and a 30″ blow off pipe. 206 LF of buried 30″pipe, stone headwall, rip rap, minor grading and drainage improvements.

Subcontracts include:
CMB Structures
Global Diving and Salvage (installing underwater plugs in tunnel and replacing intake grate)
HPS Inc. ( Hydro Demolitions of bulkheads in tunnel)
Cellcrete (tunnel slurry)
GJR Electrical

  • CategoryGeneral Engineering
  • Completed2015
  • LocationCrestline, CA.
  • ContractorSan Bernardino County Special Districts