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Think Safe Be Safe

Pro Craft Construction has long been committed to the health and safety of every employee by providing a safe work environment and a positive Safety culture. As evidence of this commitment, our Corporate Safety and Health Manager’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program meets or exceeds federal or state OSHA requirements.

The prevention of injury and illness is a primary company objective affecting all levels of our organization and activities. It is therefore, a basic requirement that management and all other Pro Craft employees, regardless of their position, make the safety of employees the highest priority.  Our policy is that each employee accepts and follows all established safety rules, regulations, policies and procedures at all time to ensure that we meet this endeavor

Safety culture is the core values and behaviors resulting from a commitment from Management and individuals to emphasize safety over production to ensure the protection of people over profit.

Elements of a positive Safety Culture:

Doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Leadership Safety Values and Actions:
Leaders demonstrate a commitment to safety in their decisions and behaviors.

Training provides leaders with the knowledge and understanding of the tools that maintain safety systems and processes.

Planning & Work Processes
Planning identifies hazards and risks of operations then allows for detailed evaluations. Planning minimizes risk while improving quality and production.

Effective communication
An environment where personnel feel free to raise safety concerns without fear of retaliation, intimidation, harassment, or discrimination. Stop Work Authority establishes the ‘authority and obligation’ of any individual to suspend a single work task or group operation when the control of a health and safety risk is not clearly established or understood.

Pro Craft Constructions commitment to safety and Quality has given us the ability to use only highly trained and skilled professionals to provide our customers award winning quality projects delivered safely and on time.